Letter from Scott Brown, dairy farmer from Rayglen Farm, Upper Pinelands in South East Queensland

My name is Scott Brown. I’m a fourth generation dairy farmer from South East Queensland. I’m writing to say thank you for choosing Dairy Farmers milk and supporting the Be True Blue Farmer Drought Fund. The Fund raised $3.487million, with every cent going to drought-affected farmers.

The drought in Queensland has been long and extreme, and dairy farmers have been hard hit. In response, our milk processor partner – Lion Dairy & Drinks – added 10 cents per litre to the wholesale milk price of Dairy Farmers 1, 2 and 3-litre fresh white milk at participating retailers in NSW, Qld and Victoria from October last year until the end of January this year as part of its Be True Blue Farmer Drought Fund.

All of the proceeds raised through the Fund have gone to the drought-affected dairy farmers providing milk to Lion Dairy & Drinks in that state.

The extra money has helped farmers cope with the big increases in prices of feed and water for our cattle during the drought, plus fuel, rates, electricity and seed and fertiliser for next year’s crop. It means farmers have been able to keep producing quality milk that we all enjoy every day and it has helped maintain herds and keep farms running.

The extra money has helped keep many dairy farmers afloat and has kept our spirits up – knowing that shoppers are happy to support us.

I don’t know how long the drought will last, but what I do know is that the support and generosity of those who are thinking of us and helping us out, makes me feel proud.

Thanks again for choosing Dairy Farmers milk and supporting the Be True Blue Farmer Drought Fund. The money raised and paid directly to farmers in need has been a real help.

Thanks again.

Scott and Dianne Brown